Create Mind Maps online

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Well, that’s sums it up. Didn’t you read the title? It’s online, and you use it to create Mind Maps.

With MindMeister, you can easily draw and sketch your concept or idea, which I found out to be much better rather than writing a long narrative passage.

Mind Maps

So, you, give it a try. You can start visualize your idea, by using this tool. And let me know if I can understand your plan.

Reaching Your Local Market

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I always say; there are two reason for a business to go online:

  1. To allow people to buy (products/services) from your business through the internet
  2. To allow people to know your business, or some branding mojo they say.

As a matter of fact, the internet is capable of providing you results of almost everything, on a global scale. That means someone from an Asian country can search and visited your business homepage (which located in Maryland), or vice versa. Now, by looking at that habit, it is clear that nowadays when people try to search for something, they don’t browse their Yellow Pages anymore. People prefer the ease of a few clicks on their mouse or a few taps on their mobile phone to get what they’re looking for. And if you realize that your local market is performing the same behavior, then you should target them as well.

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So, There is Such Thing As Attractive Scrubs

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When you think about a hospital, doctor’s office or even a dentist’s clinic, you are probably thinking about people in the medical profession who are wearing that recognizable uniform. I’m not talking about some doctor’s coat – I’m talking about scrubs. You do know what I’m talking about, don’t you?


Scrubs Uniform

You probably became familiar with scrubs when you have had personal experience with nurses or doctors at some time in your life. Or, just like me, you might have seen hospital scrubs on TV when you’re watching your favorite serials with doctors and nurses on the screen.

Well, despite the formal appearance, I noticed that medical field has decided to diversify its wardrobe. At first, scrubs come in green or blue color, because they are better at hiding things like blood and other fluid stains. But now, this is what I’ve learnt recently, they also come (if not trendy) in a more attractive look.

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