My Favorite Kid’s Theme

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While I was looking around for some color-scheme suggestion (not my best department, to tell you the truth). This WordPress theme is suitable for kid care business, yes, I do think so.


Peekabo Kids WordPress Theme

I’ve tried to navigate to all features that are available at the Live Preview, and only one major flaw to be found; this theme isn’t responsive, yet.

Well, the author said, that yes there will be a responsive version for this theme, but it’s not coming any time soon.

Ubuntu Server 12.04 Installation from Flash Drive

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Performing an operating system installation is not an easy job. You can study the steps, but you have to understand the process and wait for every progress check-points. And after years of experience, I notice this one thing that can help to speed up the time needed for an operating system installation – by means of using alternate installation media.

In the market, you can always buy an installation package that comes with a DVD/CD. Or for Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) you can download the .ISO file from the server and later burn the image file onto a DVD or VCD.

But for me, I prefer to create a flash-drive installation media, why?

  1. It’s more compact to carry around
  2. PC access flash-drive faster!

Those are my two reasons.

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2 Recommended Cloud Storage

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Did you know that when the Internet was first initiated, it was called “The Galactic Network”

And I like the idea, that the internet isn’t just a virtual space, but an interconnected physical space in design. And if we are talking about physical data, they are available across the network, too.

Well, back then, the way I handle my data across the internet was by storing it on an online data storage (such as DepositFiles) and then keep the links in a text file (and take the file with me – in a flash-drive). You might think that was difficult, well it was. And I think it was similar to the times BEFORE free online storage are available. We tend to send the files onto emails – and have it downloaded when needed.

But the login-search-download steps are too much of a hassle for me. So I went for another way to handle my data, in a more simple way.

Okay, there are so many options being available out there; but to share my experience, I will discuss two online data storage that I use.

So, the two are..

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