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One thing I like in reading a webpage is, when one doesn’t really understand about something, there (always) a link that giving an explanation about the issue. And all I need to do, is click the “link” and voila, I’d be taken to the related webpage which holds the information.

Basically, when you put some hyperlink on a text in your post, you made yourself a link to another page (or another part of the document). The basic HTML code for a link  is as follow

<a href="">Go Here</a>

Pay some attention to the colored text, they have their own role

    that’s the permalink, the web-address for the page that you lead others to
  2. Go Here
    that’s the “anchor” text, the part that goes hyperlink-ed (the one that got your mouse pointer change into a hand-shaped cursor)

Okay, I assumed you got my point about the permalink and the anchor-text. Now, I’m going to explain about the backlinks ( and inbound-link).


When you make a link that lead to another post that is there to be found in the same , you are giving your other post an internal-linking. For example; I’m giving an internal linking to my other post in this blog

<a href="">Google Pagerank Explanation</a>

Since that page ( is reside in the same domain with this post / blog ( then this is considered as an internal-linking.


Now, when I make another link that lead my readers to another domain, for example;

<a href="">Earn by Selling Links</a>

By doing this, I’m giving a backlinks from this-page to that-page (Earn by Selling Links), which is actually an inbound link from that blog perspective. In other words, when a page receive a from another domain, that’s one inbound link.


If you already read my explanation about Google Page Rank, and understand that there are page-rank juices being distributed from-and-to a web page, then getting inbound-links from other page surely help you out in getting higher rank (especially when that page – which is the source of the inbound link – itself is high-ranked).

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8 Responses to “Backlinks for Your Blog”
  1. Andy says:

    Thanks, good article! Maybe someone needs backlinkchecker? Try

  2. Should we decrease outbound links in order to increase our PR?

  3. nichive says:

    you can avoid your page’s weight being distributed to your external links, by adding the rel=nofollow parameter in your anchor :-)

    <a href=something rel=nofollow>

  4. online forum says:

    Your article is giving information about different types of backlinks.which is help to SEO forum.

  5. adan says:

    Nice Artikel sobb


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