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On my previous post (Bring Traffic to Your Blog), lvs commented

Blogwalking is a nice term – still i think the idea should be to genuinely learn from other blogs, rather than just leaving a trail.

And that reminds me to this feature that I’m going to tell you, of how to keep in track with those blog you have visited. I mean, there’s a way which is much efficient rather than just bookmarking.

Get to Know with the Feed

RSS Feed

RSS Feed

There were times when I feel “aw-c’mon”, when I visited a blog just to found out that there’s no update to see. This is something I avoid, because I bookmarked a lot. Which means, I could spend quite some time to finish my daily blogwalking routine. If it’s not for EntreCard, I would feel like I’m wasting my time on the process. But then, I get to know the reason behind RSS existence and how to make the most from it’s existence in order to provide me with an efficient blogging life.


Blog Feed is something to look at when you want to keep your eyes on lots-and-lots of blog. This feature has become a standard, nowadays. You can see that every blog have it’s own feed right now. This feed has the functionality to provide others with information regarding the content of the blog. Forget the layout, the big header image, and the banners, all you’ll get from the feed is just the content. Although recently, feedburner (a feed publisher company) started an GoogleAdsense enriched feed publication.

Subscribe the Feed

Okay, now you know what a feed offers. But that’s not all. You have to subscribe to make the most of it. By subscribing to a feed, you will get your updates without bothering to visit the blog (except when you do the EC drops). There are lots of different ways to get the feed delivered to you. For me, previously I use email subscription. This way, everytime a blog is updated, a feed of the newly created content is delivered to my email. But checking my inbox over and over again, was an exhausting thing to do. Then I decided that I should find another way. So I installed an email client () which periodically checks for new email. It did help me alot, until something went wrong and it stopped functioning.

So I decided to find a new way to handle my feed subscription. That was when I get involved with Google Reader. Try to subscribe some feeds to your Google Reader.. voila, you’ll have your own one-stop surveillance centre. Why Google Reader? Well, I like the way it work on the backround. It checks for updates automatically, and powered with Ajax makes the thing become more reliable.
Now, everyday all I need to do is open my and see if any updates are available. If I found any, I can have a glimps of it or instantly visit the blog to put some interaction into it (not just leaving trails, okay). But if I don’t find any updates, I just leave the window open and wait for someone somewhere on the opposite corner of the world publish a new post.

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