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The next thing we’re going to discuss (yes you are pleased to put some comments also) over here, is about getting some traffic in your blog. I realized that previously I had posted about EntreCard Advantages but before that, I want to make some openings first.


When you wrote something, you definitely want it to be read by others (believe me, I do). And the best way to interact with others from the blogosphere, and letting them know that you have something on your blog waiting for someone. Is by visiting them first, and then you’ll let them know that you’re exists and so does your blog. And that can be done by leaving your name, and your blog address in their comment area.

The good thing about a blog, is: You can interact with the people behind it, the other people that visiting, and whoever want some piece of the plunder. When you can interact, that means you can put some impression on the process, and it works to establish your image and reputation.


If you read this, you should see a comment area below. That means I’m waiting for your response. Okay, that’s not what blogwalking (hee,hee). Now about blogwalking: It’s an activity where you spend some time, roaming the blogosphere and leaving a trail of your existence, on the comment area. Usually there’s blogwalking, bloghopping, blogjogging, etc. But the main idea is, to spend your time visiting others’ blog and put some comments.

And make sure you’re leaving a content-related comments, before you leave. Why? There are some effects I had from those who leave non-related comments:

  • The Engine noticed it as spam, because it contains too many links.
    So stop promoting your link, and repeating it is a bad idea.
  • You’re junk-ing.
    Thanks for the greetings, thanks for the complement. But if the content is far from those two, there’s a big chance you’ll be listed as spam and believe me you don’t want that to happen.

The point is, don’t trying too hard. Just use your time effectively, because blogging sure consume most of my time. My tips are:
When you land on a page. Read it! Pay some attention to the first few sentences, and see if you’re attracted to read on and see what’s next. If you can do that, than you’ll definitely be able to give your response in the most gracefull ways. In other cases, if you don’t feel like it, scroll to the bottom of the page and just put some comments like “Hello, I’m visiting your blog for a blogwalking.” or “hi, I’m just dropping by” which I found more acceptable.

Join the Social Blogger Community

Okay, if you don’t know where to start your blogwalking. You can visit a blog, then put your related comments, and then start visiting others that also publish their comment before you. That’s a good idea. But if there’s no comment, and you always be the first to do that, well.. congratulations then. Err.. no,no,no I mean, you can get a hand from another resource available on the internet. It’s called Social Blogger Community.

What on blogosphere is it? It’s a place where we (bloggers) put our profile, list our blog(s), and interact with others. It’s interesting, just like social networking sites. But here, you put your blog on the shelf. Here’s my list:

If you checked that pages I mentioned, you probably have seen what it’s like to have your blog listed.. your friends see it, and you can broadcast a notification to others when you interacts in the blogosphere, and so many other self-promoting acts available. So I say, go get one because it helps me alot, especially on triggering my mood when it comes to blogwalking.

Oh, if you manage to get your hand on one of it, you can add me to your contacts as you will.

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11 Responses to “Make Some Traffic”
  1. Liam says:

    You make some good points here, but it makes me wonder why the average person wants such a passive internet experience. While it may be true that there are more people writing blogs than reading them, most people seem happy to be lurkers and never post a thing. Perhaps if more bloggers concentrated on providing interesting content rather than devising money making schemes this trend might begin to change.

  2. nichpakaich says:

    now you see, this series of experience I’m writting at this moment is dedicated to support the last actually..

    what I am trying to show is that we actually can earn from blogging, from being a good blogger (ho-ho-ho, Santa said), which is tottally different from money makin schemes.

  3. agungarifin says:

    Well mostly blogging sometimes doesn’t really means to have many visitors except you are running a blogshop or ads… joining social blogger site is a good point dough to get friends and readers… but how about if i run a blog that doesn’t need many visitors or reader?

  4. nichive says:

    yeah, some blogger just write to express themselves, or just to show the blog for certain eyes onlyl; not caring about whether he/she got a high-traffic for the blog.
    but for those who want to “sell” their blog for something, or “sell something” thru their blog, this is a condition that must be fulfilled.

  5. lvs says:

    Indeed as bloggers we forget that we should also be reading. Sometimes we focus so much on just writing that we forget the interaction part. As you say the best thing about blogging is the interaction you can have with your readers. Blogwalking is a nice term – still i think the idea should be to genuinely learn from other blogs, rather than just leaving a trail.

  6. nichive says:

    oouch, you got me there..
    interaction is definitly different from “just leaving trails”…

    okay, I think I’ll be more serious with the interaction part.
    hey, it’s not that I’m intentionaly make the “leaving trails” as my habit, but at previous time, most people do that to me (on my other blog) and hence I’m carried away.

    thank you for your input, I appreciate that.

  7. The biggest mistake people do when “Blog Walking” is leaving generic comments and expecting link favors. Rule of the thumb…If you have nothing to say, do not comment…
    If you really wanna comment, add your own views and experiences to the post rather than promote your blogs.

    Blog commenting is a great source of valuable traffic, but only if you do it right. :)

  8. nichive says:

    LOL yeah, I know that “generic comments” you were talking about. What you were saying is sooo true..

  9. Whew.. so glad I found this website. I tried ways like Facebook, Twitter and so on.. but effect was minimal. I shall try your steps then!

    thanks! :wink:


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